Millpond Mirror

The Millpond Mirror focuses on the experience of a “stone in the millpond” – the moment a pebble is dropped into clear clean water.

We were commissioned by Small Australian Projects to design furniture for its range.

We considered the potential of the mirror, where small spaces are made larger and light levels are increased. Detailed work and fine features are made clear by magnification.

The parallels between water and glass are also commonly observed.

We worked with a glass forge from Melbourne to develop the mirror from a single sheet of glass, which moves from the flat surface to the rippled and into the concave. The craft of the glass forge was critical in developing the manufacturing technique to create a single, stable piece of glass.

The moment the pebble is dropped into the water is now frozen in the glass, providing a window into a magnified world, as well as the expected reflections of the everyday.