St Joseph’s Nudgee College Bathersby Boarding Village

The Bathersby Boarding Village is akin to a castle in the centre of a city (the school). It is a place where every boy can feel like “the King of the Castle”.

Fort-like boarding houses have a long tradition in English schools. They offer appropriate frameworks for safety, security and community building.

The village is a home for 330 boys and associated supervisors. It brings together all four boarding houses into one complex, for the first time in the school’s history.

The building is a three-to-four storey castle wall, which encloses a private courtyard. There are common rooms and kitchens for groups to gather, and individual rooms for students to sleep and study. Bathrooms are organised around vertical gardens and a lush courtyard plays host to community activities.

The castle wall and gates provide an appropriate sense of physical and psychological separation from the day school – it is a threshold into another world and a place to call home.

“I would have no hesitations in highly recommending m3architecture.”

Graham Leddie, Deputy Principal, St Joseph’s Nudgee College

Christopher Frederick Jones