Australian Institute of Architects Paper Wall

The paper wall explores the capacity of architecture to meet and exceed a client’s brief. 

We were commissioned by the Queensland chapter of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, to design the backdrop to the state awards.

The event was a design showcase and a chance to display the capacity and skill of architects to develop low cost, high end, design.

We turned down offers from various sponsors for free materials and free labour. Instead, our interest turned towards an understanding of the process and communication of design.

Our concept uses the industry standard A1 paper sheet as the surface on which design ideas, form, and detail are communicated. The A1 paper sheet also became the building material for the project itself.

This concept makes the architect the author of the idea, the documenter of its form, and the builder.

The paper wall is designed to be folded and connected in vertical drops, which allows for quick installation and removal in event spaces. This same flexibility allows for the paper to be recycled or retained for future use.

The paper wall is a cost effective, sustainable and memorable stage setting, encapsulating the idea of architecture, its processes and its built reality.

The paper wall is so popular that it’s also been used at a number of pop-up events and weddings.


On the land of the Turrbal and Jagera peoples.