Advanced Science Teaching Laboratory

Brisbane, Australia

Enticing, encouraging and retaining young scientists is an issue of concern for universities and governments alike. 

This project, delivered on the back of innovative efficiencies in laboratory planning, is designed to excite and inspire the aspirational student considering a career in research.

Our detailed knowledge of scientific equipment and research practice, coupled with creative planning strategies, enabled laboratory space from very different fields previously considered incompatible (microbiology and chemistry), to be collocated in the one laboratory space. This outcome allowed the university to build less laboratory, making room for additional student collaboration facilities, thus enhancing the student experience.

In material terms, this project is designed as a ‘white on white’ experience, amplifying the sense of the archetypal research laboratory. This is the aspirational laboratory, exciting students of science by delivering on their expectations of what a professional research environment should be. The spatial effect of this monochrome outcome is that the perception of depth and interest is enhanced by inhabitation. This reinforces the students’ sense that this project is specifically for, and all about, them.


On the land of the Turrbal and Jagera peoples.