5 Carefully Curated, Exceptional Australian Bathroom Designs

m3architecture’s Cape Tribulation House featured in Habitus Living.

Taking cues from Australia’s natural bounty, these unique Australian bathroom designs reflect both the calibre of design – and lifestyle – to be found on our shores.

Uniquely Australian bathroom designs are those that draw on that which this vast, diverse country has to offer. From natural landscapes to free-flowing indoor/outdoor connections. From materials that offer a nod to the abundant earth, to hues that are inspired by wilderness.

Form, function and forward-thinking are all words that spring to mind when we think of Australian bathroom designs unique to our region. Not only does Australia house some of the most globally innovative designers, but it’s those designers that offer a unique style perfectly reflective of the country’s inimitable way of life. Here, we’ve carefully curated and exclusive list of just five examples.


Cape Tribulation by M3 Architecture

This home is privy to some of the most fascinating natural environments on the planet. Bordered by coastline and beach on one side at Cape Tribulation, and an ancient landscape in the form of the Daintree Rainforest on the other.

This abode perfectly adapts to its place on the earth. Perhaps showcased best in the bathroom design. There is free-flow through the space, natural outlooks, and materials that beautifully enhance the private, wild moments witnessed here.

The clever use of mirrored glass facilitates views outwards, but it simultaneously reflects back out into the forest for privacy. Black cladding and timber allow the home to retreat into the shadows of the canopy effortlessly. This house is also completely off-the-grid, paying respect to the ancient ecosystem surrounding it by slotting in thoughtfully.


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